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Dead Sea Tours

The Dead Sea is a place of natural beauty, health and history. At Egged Tour we endeavor to offer you the very best Dead Sea tours. Relax at the Mineral Beach Resort, go on a desert safari or combine your Dead Sea tour with other remarkable destinations in Israel.

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Dead Sea General Information

The Dead Sea, or 'Sea of Salt' as it is known in Hebrew, is a unique place in the world, located east of Jerusalem in the Jordan Valley. It is the deepest hypersaline lake in the world, with a salinity of almost 35% (compare to the salinity of the Mediterranean Sea which is less than 4% at 5 meters depth). The Dead Sea is also the 'lowest point on earth', at 427 metres (1,401 ft) below sea level. The main supply of water comes from the Jordan River, which has dwindled due to the regional water scarcity in combination with growing populations, thus the salinity of the Dead Sea keeps on rising.

Why Dead Sea Tours?

Due to the uniqueness of the Dead Sea it has been a popular destination for thousands of years. Egged Tours offers you the opportunity to go on various Dead Sea tours, as a stand alone tour or in combination with the best of the region. On our Dead Sea tours you will be able to relax on the beaches, float on the salty water or apply healthy mineral-rich mud all over yourself. The Dead Sea isn't quite like any other places on earth and you're welcome to experience it - on Egged's Dead Sea tours!

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