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English Tours

Available Israel daily tours in English.

TourDescriptionAvailable days
Иерусалим ХристианскийИерусалим Христианский

Панорама Иерусалима откроется со смотровой площадки Масличной горы.

Иерихон; Вади-Кельт; Монастыри Иудейской пустыни; Каср аль-ЙехудИерихон; Вади-Кельт; Монастыри Иудейской пустыни; Каср аль-Йехуд

Самый древний город в мире

7 Days of Guided Tours in Israel7 Days of Guided Tours

Visit the highlights of Israel in one tour package. Perfect for travelers who want to see everything! 

Christian Tours Of IsraelChristian Tours Of Israel: 4 Days

4 days tour of Christian sites in the holy land. Visit Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Nazareth and more!

Jewish Gems: 6 Days TourJewish Gems: 6 Days Tour

6 days tour of Jewish sites in Israel. Visit Jerusalem, Masada, Golan Heights and more!

Southern Gems - 3 Days leisure in EilatSouthern Gems - 3 Days leisure in Eilat

3 days in South of Israel - Massada, Dead Sea and 2 pleasant days in Eilat

Classical Jerusalem: 3 daysClassical Jerusalem: 3 days

You will spend 3 unforgettable days visiting the most historical city in the world!

Christian Jerusalem: 3 daysChristian Jerusalem: 3 days

3 days spending at the most biblical city in the world!

Jewish Jerusalem: 3 daysJewish Jerusalem: 3 days

Spend the most credible 3 days visiting all the Jewish historical places!

Однодневный тур в Иорданию (Петра)Петра тур

Explore the sensational city of Petra, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. 

2 Day Tour to Jordan2 Days to Petra and the best of Jordan

Visit the beautiful city of Petra,see with your eyes Madaba and Amman city tour and It's citadel.

3 Days to Jordan3 Day Tour to Petra-Wadi Rum and the best of Jordan

Explore Jordan in 3 days - Amman, Madaba, Mt. Nebo, Petra, Wadi Rum and More..

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