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  1. Private Tours In Israel

    A collection of some of our favorite photos of Egged Tours recent private tours.

  1. Almond Bloom

    The almond tree blossom in Israel

  1. Celebrating Tu Bishvat

    Tu Bishvat, also called "new year of the trees" marks the beginning of the new fruit-bearing cycle and the bloom of the trees in Israel.

  1. Visit to Israel Markets

    Visiting Israeli markets is a fun experience of colors, smells and flavors. The rich variety of fruits and vegetables, along with delicious treats and local cuisine makes it a must visit when in Israel.

  1. Caesarea Luxury Travel Destinations in Israel

    Ancient Caesarea is one of Israel’s most impressive national parks. It combines romance, luxury and breathtaking scenery all in one place.

  1. Efficient way of visiting Masada and the Dead Sea

    Having troubles to decide whether to climb the Masada on your own or take a guided tour?

  1. Private tour to Jerusalem and Dead Sea

    Private tour to Jerusalem with some amazing folks from China hosted by the

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