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Visit to Israel Markets

Visiting Israeli markets is a fun experience of colors, smells and flavors. The rich variety of fruits and vegetables, along with delicious treats and local cuisine makes it a must visit when in Israel.


Each market has its own unique characteristic of people, traditions and merchandise. Three of the most famous markets in Israel are the Machne Yehuda market in Jerusalem, Shuck (market in Hebrew) Hacarmel in Tel Aviv and Nazareth market.  


The famous Machne Yehuda market in Jerusalem is a vivid mixture of the old and the new, a lively marketplace and authentic neighborhood. The market incorporates food, drink, shopping, bars, restaurants coffee shops and locla food stalls. All combined into one great cultural experience of local Jerusalem food, people and goods.


The trendy HaCarmel Market in Tel Aviv is the most famous of all Tel Aviv’s marketplaces. This is where you can enjoy Tel Aviv's chic taverns, bistros, and chef-owned food stands.


Nazareth Market is a colorful authentic Arabic bazaar. Scents, ancient houses and magical passageways are all combined into a unique and unforgettable experience. The Market offers unique variety of houseware stores, fruits, vegetables, traditional sweets, embroidered clothes, scarves and craftsmen's stores.


In order for you to enjoy the wealth of flavors Israel has to offer, we invite you to explore the markets using the Bite Card that allow you to taste and dine at the best stands and stalls in the market at your own pace, on your own time. For more information about exploring the markets with the Bite Card click here.


Baklawaa Machne Yehuda Market   



Machne Yehuda Market


Spices Machne Yehuda Market

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